Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Centered Riding -- yeeehawwww!

I had my first Centered Riding lesson today. Wow! I must have said that 100 times within 30 minutes. I found out so many new things today. One, I didn't realize how long my legs could be! I think I might actually grow an inch or so if I continue this! I also found out how stiff I am, ouch. These ole muscles and tendons sure have shortened up and atrophied over the years. I also realized how hard it is to turn your torso without moving your head, I couldn't stop laughing!

But what was so amazing was how "in tune" the horse is. I rode Lakota, my very green North American Curly Appaloosa mare, so the two of us are learning together. I always knew Lakota was sensitive, but wow, she was reacting on just a thought. And when she was confused, her ears would swivel and she would hesitate. There was no fireworks, no attitude, no swishing tail. Thank you so much, Karen, for opening a whole new door to me!

I don't have a picture under saddle, but here is a shot of Lakota today, with a well-deserved reward.

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Adria said...

Hey M,

I didn't know you had a Blog! Good going. I loved reading it and I'm so glad you've discovered Centered Riding.


Ride 'em Cowgirl!