Sunday, December 10, 2006

My daughter and I rode Lakota for a bit today. I am continually impressedby the sensible Curly temperament. While warming Lakota up in the roundpen, her stirrup got caught up on the rail of the roundpen, and accordianed in on her. Well, you can see her reaction yourself

I'm seeing so much improvement in her riding, she is going so well. Where last week I was getting just very unconfident, jerky forward, now she's moving off smoothly at a rather decent pace. I'm also clicking for whoa (which was nonexistent), and for giving softly and turning softly (which was also very unconfident and not very soft, and taking a LONG time to figure out what I wanted). I even sometimes click her just for standing still, but I don't think I did in these videos. Click here for the rest of the videos

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