Monday, June 18, 2007

It's all just Feedback

As a dear, wise friend has said many times, no matter what the horse does, it isn't right nor wrong, it is just feedback.

No, it isn't that bad. Since Joe has been out on trial, I've been spending all my horse-time with Lakota. I've been riding her 2-3x/week, no more than 1/2 hour per session, with a little ground work, and some hand-grazing. She's doing amazingly well, and of course I'm finding that all her issues are really my issues.

Well, yesterday I took the other girls out for a bath. First April, who was a little pill as usual, but we clicked out way through it, and while I can't stay she stood still, she at least wasn't lunging herself in circles around me.

Lakota was quite miffed that I took April out instead of her, even though it was a bath she was still jealous. She called and called. When I brought April back in and had the audacity to halter Whinney and not Lakota, oh my goodness! Well, lets just say that Miss Lakota had the nastiest look on her face, and kept trying to charge out the gate ahead of Whinney! She has never, ever done this before, and usually stands very politely.

After Whinney was finished, I brought them hay, then gave Jen her first bath, to get the last bit of Texas out of her, for her new life. And of course I played with Ana a bit, cleaned poop, etc. etc.

Later on at dinner time, Lakota was extremely pushy and obnoxious (for her). She tried snatching at her bucket, refused to back up, and had a grumpy look on her face. My goodness, she was holding a grudge!

I guess I got feedback, for taking the others out and not her. Apparently she is enjoying her sessions with me. :-)

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