Sunday, June 29, 2008

Leroy Update

OK, here is an update on Leroy. He is doing quite well. He is gaining weight, although it is slow. There is a LOT to gain! I finally got him weighed, and he weighed in at 1400 lb. He's about 16.2, my best guess, and he had already gained weight by the time he trusted me enough to let me put a "thing" on his body to measure him.

He has become very relaxed and seems like he has found his place. He will come to me and softly sniff my hand in greeting, then present his itchiest spot to me for dutiful scritching. He will now wear a blanket, a rain sheet, and a fly sheet. He is not a fan of fly spray, so I wipe it on his legs with a cloth. We are now working on picking up his feet. He will lift them, then slam them right back down again. The last time I asked for a foot (2 days ago), he hesitated for a second before trying to take it back, so I let it go right there, told him he was a good boy, gave him a scritch, and left him alone. Luckily, he is self-trimming his feet beautifully. They really do look nice!!! But, that may not always be the case, he only has about 1/2 inch left of his old hoof wall before the new stuff hits the ground, and I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't chip off as well as the old stuff.

He is still bottom of the pecking order, but he has sorto found his place, and is no longer on the outskirts looking in. He hangs out with the girls under the fans, and spends a LOT of time at the salt block!

Here are a couple of photos I shot last week. It was early in the morning, and the sun was shining down like a beacon through the trees, right onto the ole boy.

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Funder said...

Ohhh, beautiful pictures, beautiful boy. He's really gaining weight and looking nice. XD