Friday, August 1, 2008


I just recently found out that I've been Tagged by Lasell on her Horsey Therapist blog. I hereby admit that I didn't know the rules, and had to hit my old friend Google up for the scoop. I had only recently heard about blog-tagging on Carmon's blog, but knew nothing more about it.

OK, so I'm game, though I doubt anything in my life has been very interesting ;-) So, 6 things you may not have known about me.

1) My first job was at a newspaper (the one my mother worked at), and I did the "tear-sheets", which is literally that. I scanned the daily newspaper for advertisements, and tore out the page that the ad was on, put it in an envelope and at the end of the month they were mailed to the advertisers, apparently as proof that their ad ran. Usually this was done with national advertisers, rather than local ones, who would be reading the paper anyway. The newspaper was about a 15 minute drive from high school, I was about 15/16 years old when I had this job. I either paid a friend $5 a week to drive me there, and when she wasn't there I hitched a ride with one of the teachers that lived nearby (which would raise a LOT of eyebrows these days!), or I walked. It was about a 45 minute to an hour walk. I would never walk, as a child or adult, there in this day and age! There are a couple of unsavory areas on the way.

2) My blog is mostly about my horses, with some other stuff interspersed in, but I didn't have my own horse until I was 31 years old, and as a child, only rode for about a year or two. My mothers friend (and our babysitter) boarded her horses at our house for a bit over a year when I was 14/15. That was the extent of my horse experience. I guess I dove in with 2 feet, which is generally how I do things when I develop an interest.

3) This is getting hard, I barely got the first two out. Hmmm.... what else. Ummm, still thinking...... OK, how about this. I'm afraid of getting killed or paralyzed on a horse. Seriously, I have a real fear of it. But of course, I have a fear of that with driving too. Yes, my mother instilled that in me well. I can look at almost any situation and see the danger in it. But I do like to have a life, so I do my best to put that stuff behind me, but its always there, right below the surface, ready to come out and save the day.

4) I am a woman, and I hate to shop. Yep ... hate it. I hate the crowds, I hate the noise, I hate driving there and fighting traffic, and finding a parking spot. I hate going into a store, and feeling guilty that I can't afford anything, and walking out again ... especially if it is a small, local shop. I hate seeing the exhorbitant prices of things that I would like to own, yet not being able to justify the cost. The internet has been a Godsend, I hardly have to go shopping at all anymore.

5) Building on #4, I also hate clothes and getting dressed. I am happiest in a comfy pair of sweats and an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt. Perhaps from my years and years working in an office and having to get dressed and put together an outfit every day, I now LOVE not having to worry about what I look like (well, except on the 2 days I work).

6) I consider myself to be very blessed. I have a good marriage, a decent house, a small bit of property, live in a pretty nice little town, and don't have to work a million hours a week. My family is healthy and all lives close by. We may not talk to each other and visit often, but we all know that if one of us needs something, we're all right there for each other. We are all relatively healthy, with only minor little issues or aches and pains. I have wonderful, bright, outgoing, well-adjusted children whom I love with everything I have. I have 5 amazing horses in my backyard who bring me so much joy. I also have 5 wonderful dogs, and 2 cats living in the house with me. I love them all dearly, and am truly blessed to be able to share my life with all these wonderful souls.

So there ya go, 6 things about me. I told you I'm boring. Boring is good, though. I prefer boring to too much excitement. Excitement usually isn't positive for me, I'm happy to be boring.

So now I guess I need to tag some other people? OK, here goes. I tag ......

Adria of Green Mountain Curlies

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and Elaine of Dances With Hooves

There, I think that's all I have to do. If I'm forgetting something, someone please tell me.

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