Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vacation Week

Well, we kicked off our vacation week with Leroy's death yesterday, unfortunately. But we had promised the kids tobring them to Action Wildlife, which is more like a habitat than a zoo. The enclosures are very large, at least an acre each, grassy, with natural waterways, etc. Its really very nice, and the animals are all happy and well-adjusted, as well as reasonably friendly.
These photos are in no particular order, because it is a royal pita to upload and move images around bloger

This is some sort of wild yarrow, on our "wilderness walk", which is about 3 miles altogether. This goes around the back of the park, through the huge deer exhibit.

This appears to be a "Zony", a cross between a zebra and a pony. A Zorse would be a horse, but this one was about 13H, so pony sized. No, it is not pregnant, it is a gelding, just quite fat!

Thistle, again on our wildness walk

A tortoise, he was very cool, and had 2 companions.


This we shot down the road as we were leaving. This is a 296 acre parcel of land that has been for sale for over a year now. Would anyone like to fund it for us? I would LOVE this piece of property!

Queen Annes Lace on our wildnerness walk

I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but I liked it

Silouhette of a red maple tree

Mystery bird, does anyone know what this is? They were all over the place, and following us around.

I forget what these flowers are called, having a brainfart, I have them planted along my front wall.

Ornamental grass

Some sort of thistley thing, not sure if it is a true thistle or not, it didn't look like the others, and the leaves are differnet, too.

Bull Elk

Some sort of weed thing, I thought the "flower" part was cool, its really just leaves.

Huge honkin' long-horn steer

Morning glory

Can you spot the mountain sheep?

This cow was funny. He was like "What are you lookin' at? Haven't you ever seen a cow bathe before?"


Another variety of daylily

I forget what kind of deer these were

Doe Sika deer .. she was standing

Cool cloud formation


That silly cow again

I was impressed by the massiveness of this bull, his head was HUGE

This is a funny story.This rabbit is caring for these baby piglets, and totally taken on the roll of mothering them. The rabbit is not only a rabbit, but a male! And, the caretaker told me that the piglets have begun hopping about. She felt confident they would grow out of that once they are separated from the bunny.


More clouds

Gorgeous black swan

The massive bull again. If I try to move this, its going to take me another hour to reformat the whole page. Sorry for the out-of-orderness of it all.

Great Blue Heron. He wasn't part of the exhibit, he was just visiting ;-)

A handful of blackberries -- we at them the whole way, the woods were loaded!

And the black swan again.

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