Sunday, February 15, 2009

A sighting ...

Early Saturday during the morning feed, I saw Jen looking at something. I stepped so I could see better through the barn doors, and saw a bobcat running across the neighbors backyard! It came across the stonewall and over Bobby's junk cars that are on the property line. As I watched it disappear into the trees, suddenly, a second one followed the first along the same path!

I have never seen a Bobcat before. Its possible it wasn't, but I'm pretty sure. It was dawn, and the sun came over the horizon where they disappeared into the woods, so I couldn't see any coloring or markings, they were sillouettes, but the size, shape and movement fit a a Bobcat perfectly. They didnt' make a sound, not a single leaf russle they moved silently along, very cool.

I was just reading up on Bobcats, as I didnt' think we had them here. And now is there mating time, and they are active at dusk to midnight, and dawn to 3 hours after dawn. So it fits perfectly to see two of them together, possibly in pursuit, and at dawn.

What a gift!

as long as they leave my poultry alone, that is.

And of course I didn't have my camera with me.

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Funder said...

Too cool! The biggest wild carnivore I've seen is still a coyote. They're pretty neat but I'd love to see a bobcat. :)