Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clicker fun

I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning so I could spend time riding today. And last night around 9 pm I started to feel "the crud" come on. How frustrating! So I'm stuffy-headed, headachy, low energy, and have occasional bouts of light-headedness. (sigh).

I trimmed hooves this afternoon, and when I was sitting down on the stoop waiting for my back to quit hurting so I could actually stand up straight, Lakota came over and was begging for attention. She stood next to me and kept touching my arm. Then she started to paw. I took the hint that she really wanted to do something.

So I went inside to gather my clicker/treat back, and while I was doing that, Lakota decided she was going to start without me. I had the camera with me, so shot some video. I had so much fun, I'm glad she talked me into playing.

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