Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still Alive ...

Nothing much has been happening. I'm feeling 99% better after our little wreck last week, just some residual issues in my upper back, which I think took the brunt of the hit, and it is a structural weak point for me, anyway. I had hoped to get back on this week, but we had gobs of rain, so everything was slop. Then the slop dried up today, because it was over 85 degrees! I am sunburned from my sons baseball game, and exhausted from the heat, and more is expected for tomorrow and Monday with air quality warnings. I thought this was April, not August! The horses were all standing around inside, lethargic in their winter coats. They did manage to perk up for a minute when I let them in the grass area, but even that didn't last long, and 90 minutes later when I headed back out for grain/dinner, they were all up top waiting for me. Even grass wasn't enough to keep them in the late day sun. So its not looking good for this weekend, perhaps I can get back on Tuesday (my short day at work). I know the longer it is that I don't get back on, the harder it will be.

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