Sunday, March 18, 2007


WHY do people not feed their horses? WHY do people breed, endlessly, with no rhyme or reason, nor consideration for the animals they are breeding or the outcome of that breeding? WHY do people not see what is right in front of their own eyes?? And more importantly, WHY do I see this, so much, within the Curly breed? WHAT is with Curly owners, who think that Curly horses normally look like emaciated cows? That they don't need their hooves trimmed? That they don't need to be dewormed? That they don't need FOOD!?

I just don't get it. If you can't guess, yes I've experienced this recently. I have a new mare. She is a full sister to my mare, Lakota. She is a 1.5 on the Hennecke scale. And pregnant. She was turned out with two studs last year for 5 months. And had two fillies (ages 11 mos. and almost 2) nursing from her. Her teeth are in horrid condition, and she is wormy. Her butt looks like an emaciated cow, and her withers protrude from her shoulders about 6 inches. And her old owner just didn't see it. "She's a little thin." "She was the fattest one on the trailer!" "She LOVES to eat! She is such a pig!" "She will steal food from you, no matter what you are eating."

I was not in the market for another horse. I was quite enjoying how easy it is to just have 4. But I couldn't stop thinking about her. I couldn't stop dreaming about her. I couldn't leave her there, my heart was broken, my stomach was sick.

I'm keeping a webpage of her progress. I have her on the VitaRoyal program (along with my other horses), which I am just thrilled about their progress. I'll have to write about that another day, I'm getting too tired now, its time to trudge out to the barn for midnight hay and bed for me. Anyway, here is the webpage, with pictures, if you'd like to follow the progress.

Wish us luck.

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Brie said...

ow, Michelle, Jen looks so much better already in such a short amount of time. You are amazing. Jen is so grateful for your TLC, I'm sure.

It breaks my heart to see her so skinny and pregnant to boot. I worry about her foal...I'm sure you do too. It amazes me that they even GET pregnant when they are that thin. I can see such a marked difference in her hiney shots...she is gaining weight so quickly! I think she was meant to be yours...