Friday, November 14, 2008

It's done!!!!

Yahoo!!!!! Finally, it is finished. Well, as finished as its going to be for awhile, anyway. But my part is finished. The painting is complete, 18 gallons and 6 weeks of hand-brushed onto rough-sawn pine. The doors are up, windows on, trim, etc. The only thing left to do is some lighting and outlets, gutters, and of course the floor/footing. That will have to wait due to lack of funds, and without flooring there aren't any stalls. But at least there is shelter. And hay storage.

I decided to paint inside the stalls, because I hate the look of muddy, poop smeared old plywood. So I chose poop brown for the bottom half, and used a cream/beige for the top half, to keep it from looking like a cave. I want to do a little running horse stencile along the color line to soften it a bit. Too much? Tough -- its my barn and I'll decorate it the way I want to. lol!

I left the upper 4 feet above the plywood plain pine, and I left the beams unpainted, too. I like the look of old beams. I'm thinking of putting a clearcoat over this, but havent' decided yet. Or more likely, I'm not yet over all the painting. I'm starting to begin to feel my right arm again. I had to wait 3 hours to brush my teeth after getting up in the morning or else my hand is so swollen I can't close my fingers and drop the brush. Now I'm down to about 2 hours. So improving :-)

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Funder said...

That's THE cutest barn I've ever seen - and it's all yours! I know yall are proud and happy :)